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- Charlie Page, Owner and Creator of Common Sense List Building

This is a screenshot of one of the module pages. Lessons are easy to follow, easy to apply and all on one simple page.

You get 9 modules revealing everything you need to know about building your list. Plus transcripts, AND videos, AND audio, AND advanced techniques, AND an entire resource section! 

Here's just SOME of what you'll discover...

  • Exactly how to profit from the list you will build
  • My personal list building history
  • Exactly what you need to build a list
  • 6 ways to get MORE subscribers from existing traffic
  • SIXTEEN ways to get traffic
  • All confusing terms fully explained
  • What is a lead magnet and how to create one!
  • Exactly how to create your ideal list building system
  • What to send to your list and when to send it
  • And much more!
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Current Members Love This Site!

Excellent! I've learned more in 20 minutes than I have in the last 5 years! The examples and explanation of each lead magnet is exactly what I need right now. For me, the transcript provided is worth its weight in gold. Well done!

Poppie Kouremetis

Awesome site Charlie. Even though I know how to build a list you broke it down much simpler where I saw a few things I can make better as well as teach to my team.

Shawn Johnson

I am loving this list building course! I have so many niches I want to get into. I am challenging myself 90 days to see how big I can grow my first list. Thanks for being a great teacher.

Elisha Eason

Thanks again for another first class site and course Charlie! Happy customer since 2006-ish! :-)

Franco Gonzalez

I’ve only just bought Common Sense List Building & I’m really impressed by the Common Sense layout of the membership site; it’s so easy to navigate & mind maps clearly for learning. Thanks Charlie!

Archie Bkack

Thank you so much for doing a course in getting and using traffic. It’s easy to get swindled with paid traffic by some providers who promise the moon for very little cost. I’ve seen new marketers lose substantial money because they tried the cheapest stuff out of saving a buck. Common Sense List Building is exponentially more valuable than the amount paid for access. Looking forward to finishing my lessons. Great product as always!

Viyae Patterson
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