These are the resources we use and recommend. We have used each one of these and found them worth investigating. While you might not need all of them, we wanted you to have a comprehensive list.

If there are resources you like but are not listed here please feel free to suggest them to us so we can check them out for possible inclusion here.

In the spirit of full disclosure please know that I do promote some of these resources and so might earn a commission if you buy them. I only promote resources I use and believe in.


Ad Tracking: This is an incredibly powerful part of your online marketing. It's the only true way to know which ads succeed and which fail. Without tracking, your advertising efforts are flying blind. A good ad tracker, like the ones listed in this section, will help you know how many clicks your message received, how many sales you made, what your return on investment was, as well as tons of other important data.

Advertising: Effective advertising could be the cornerstone of your success online. But once you start searching, it seems like there are endless options. So where should you advertise for the *best* results? Whether you're trying to get the word out about a product or service, or seeking new followers for you blog, the resources in this section should give you a great head start.

Affiliate Marketing: One of the top ways to make money online! The products and services in this section will help make your affiliate business more profitable AND more painless! You'll find resources to send you to the top of leading affiliate programs but also fantastic tools if you'd like to start an affiliate program of your very own. As either a vendor or owner, these resources will help you!

Autoresponders: These powerful tools allow you to stay in contact with your list through an automated system, loading and scheduling messages as far ahead of time as you'd like. After you set up your message series - work you only have to do once! - you can devote your attention to building your list, knowing that everyone who joins your list will receive all of your marketing messages … automatically!

Blogging: This has become the most powerful platform online - and for good reason. This section features resources for every kind of blogging help you might need, including building your blog from scratch, choosing a theme, testing and targeting the right audience, and much more. Article marketing is an invaluable resource online and the best place to publish the articles you write is on your own blog. Use this section to get yourself started today!

Broadcasting: This section is all about getting your message out to the masses. It features tools and services to help you do just that by not only broadcasting your message, but also staying in close communication with your team, your followers, and other businesses. From blogging, to podcasting, to publishing, this section will help you get your message out there quickly, easily, and profitably!

Content & Curation: Success with content marketing -- especially curation -- is ultimately about one thing: high quality, relevant content. There are several different ways to go about doing that, and this section will give you a strong starting point whether you want to curate content on your blog or find PLR products to alter and brand as your own. Use these resources to leverage your time and let other people's content work for you!

Email Marketing: You don't want your hard earned advertising dollars to be spent sending your message to just anyone. You want your message to reach the RIGHT audience, a niche-down marketplace of your ideal customers. Email marketing can help you do just that! Whether you're sending to your own list or buying space in someone else's, these resources will help you make the most of your advertising budget.

Graphics: The right image can draw attention to your content and help make it easier to understand for your reader. This section will help you not only to find the best image, but also to create graphics, alter and manipulate images and more. Whether you need to find a photo for a specific article, create your own graphics, retouch images, or just want to explore different photo editing software, these tools are sure to help you!

Joint Venture: Working with fellow online marketers can be a great way to lend or borrow credibility, expose your message to a new and receptive audience, create products that were previously outside your realm of expertise, and much more. The resources in this section can help bring your talents and skills into the perfect partnership with other marketers, leverage both of your work to create something brand new!

List Building: We all know the money is in the list, so now it's time to build a list of your own. Having a list of your own means FREE advertising to a niche-down, self-selected group of prospects who know you, trust you, and want to do business with you. The resources in this section will help you build - or grow! - a profitable, reliable list, starting today.

Market Research: If you need help choosing your niche, deciding what kind of products to create, understanding your customer demographics, choosing the best focus keywords for your site, or just want to stay up on the latest trends, consider using these market research tools. They will help you get the most information you can about your business, and your competitor's. Knowing who you are trying to sell to is extremely important in any business.

Membership Site: A great way to make money online is by building your own membership site. You can put your product out there, build a loyal following, engage with your customers, and share your knowledge with others. These tools will help you create a membership site of your own, whether you want to create a paid membership and earn more money, or create a free interactive community for your followers, or something in between.

Outsourcing: Sometimes there is just too much for us to do on our own, and we need outside help. These service marketplace resources are a great way to find short-term, small-project help, research-oriented help, even programming and site building. For just about anything you need to build your online business, there are outsourcers who can help you. Choose from a number of well-known marketplaces that specialize in different types of service.

Plugin: Often, we need a little assistance making our WordPress blogs everything we want them to be. Enter: the plugin. Plugins add that little extra to your blog, quickly and easily. The following plugins will help you combat comment spam, back your WordPress blog up, check for broken links, create polls for your visitors, boost your search engine optimization, and much more. Most of them are free, or very low cost -- good news for everyone!

Publishing: If you want to make money online, you have to get your message out. It must be heard. Whether you use advertising, create a follow up system, promote on new releases or ebook platforms, produce podcasts, create and embed videos to your site, or create and promote landing pages for your products, these resources can help you on your way. Having a blog is a great first step, but these tools can take you one step further.

Social Media: We all know how important social media is to getting your message out. Whether you are looking for a way to get started using Facebook or Twitter, want to create working relationships on LinkedIn, want to learn from social media experts, or you simply need a way to organize your already existing online presence, these tools and resources can  help take your social media presence to the next level.

Survey: A great way to find out exactly what your customers are thinking is taking a survey. You can discover what they need & supply them with the product or information to fulfill it. People love to express their opinions and if you ask them directly what they want, they'll be sure to tell you. The tools listed in there will help you survey your list, no matter the size, so you can understand what your people want and need.

Writing: Word processors often embed characters that will confuse your email program or your blog's content managing system. It's much better to use a text processor, so you get exactly what you're looking for. You'll find a few examples of text editors in these resources, as well as some tools to help with focus and productivity, ease of reading, and choosing the right words to get your message across.